Impacting Peak Perpormance through play


What you Get

Innovative insights into your business needs

You first get to look at your own organizations in an objective and an optimistic way. Focusing on your organizations existing strengths, latent resources and history your visions get more pristine and brilliant. New ideas for charting to newer horizons become a byproduct of these insights.

Action plans devised and owned by your teams

Each and every insight that surfaces when gathering strengths and empowering your stories is, naturally, accompanied by multiple possibilities. When empowered by their own history people take on a ‘we can’ attitude and begin to map out plans and set goals owned by them for themselves.

Engagement that is ahead of what is possible

The heightened levels of engagement and clearer pathways ahead charges up your organizations for accelerated decision making and exponential capacities to take on risks and succeed.

How we Do it

How is our work



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Amazing Customer Service

No matter how many models you follow and no matter how many best practices you chase, your organization has a heart and culture that is uniquely yours and thus the customers that you attract also have extremely unique needs. It then becomes a moral duty of your organization that your serve them such that it delights them to the bone. With Amazing Customer Experience, you can profile your customer with razor sharpness and then fill their needs employing your unique strengths and services. The whole process is thought provoking, insightful and helps you harvest your own resources and deploy them in such a way that every individual that walks from your touch claims that it was simply amazing.

Factory Mastery

Production floors and flows differ from one industry to another and the demands of all markets scream for faster, better and cheaper outputs all the time. Factories find it challenging to take the best practices and systems of one factory, one industry and apply it to another. With Factory Master, help your people learn to think fast, think with precision and accuracy for self-customized solutions to their own needs through creative play and experiential activities. Factory Master is a competitive experiential learning activity based program designed not just to enhance operational efficiency but to transcend all benchmarks.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Whether we lie in the culturally hierarchical or flat part of the world, through all the ranks of a corporation, most major business decision making processes come to a halt with the statement, “let’s see what the big boss has to say about it.” And, every single business leader worth his salt, wishes that her people would only be able to see the world as she does and then go ahead and make those decisions. Alignment of visions, sense of ownership and the abilities to take everyday risks in business are the need and the call of the day as, globally, business units are becoming smaller, flatter and must become responsible for its own profits and losses. Corporate Entrepreneurship gives the risqué and the rugged edge to your most suave and sophisticated executives. The game also uncovers latent talent and hone and skill-up the business leaders of tomorrow.

Breakthrough Responses

A global pandemic has occurred and the world’s medical response teams must work together to contain it while a cure is being made. Participants are divided into teams of specialized: The dispatch teams that help efficiently send other teams to different locations, the operations team which is in charge of building infrastructure, the medical response team which is in charge of creating necessary infrastructure, the researchers who are in charge with collecting data on the virus, and finally scientists who are responsible for ultimately finding the cure. These teams must learn to coordinate if they are to succeed in their task.

Strong Links

A business organization is only as strong as all its parts are. The tendencies of most corporations is to focus out and keep scrambling forward and on to the next echelon of success, And, there is valuable wisdom in that. There is also much valuable wisdom at studying, streamlining and strengthening the back end of your business. Scores of businesses that have sustained their successes over decades have all had great partners and giant shoulders to lean upon through good times and bad times. Strong Links, the game, lets you immerse into building your core muscles and sustaining their flexibility and strengths through changing times.

Who we are

A team of seven primary consultants with a combined experience of over a 100 years. We hail from backgrounds of Philosophy, Industrial Psychology, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Gamification and the Fine Arts

We are dedicated to being by your sides when you find your way into your ideal future through interactive and insightful play


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